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DAILY PRACTICE 3: Contemplations on the Practice of Giving and Taking (Tonglen)

Tonglen is a meditation practice aimed at developing a caring attitude in our hearts toward everyone in our lives, especially those whith whom we have difficulty. This practice of "giving and taking" is also a wonderful meditation to do when one has an illness, to cultivate empathy, or to generate happiness.


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Class 1:

Meditation Notes

Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation

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Class 3:

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PDF of Course Materials
Written Meditation

Guided Lam Rim Meditation

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Morning Meditation:

Designed to focus the mind to stay motivated throughout the day while bringing a compassionate spirit to daily endeavors.

Dates: Ongoing - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 8:05am - 9:00am at The Three Jewels, 61 4th Ave, NYC (9th/10th St)

Teachers: Ori Carin and Juliana Um

Evening Meditation:

Guided meditation in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism with Venerable Phuntsok.

Dates: Ongoing – Friday 7:00-8:30pm at The Three Jewels, 61 4th Ave, NYC (9th/10th St)

Movement Meditation

Experiential movement by way of guided meditations to enhance your spiritual practice and transform any obstacle into a magical event.

Open to any level practitioner. each group session led by Venerable Chunzom by appointment only.

Email for the next session and more info to venerablechunzom@aciny.org

Teacher: Venerable Chunzom has a Master of Arts specializing in Dance/Movement and is a NYC Licensed Creative Arts Therapist


New Jersey Dharma classes are frequently held at the temple on Saturday and Sundays. Please call (732) 364-824 for further information, or visit the website http://www.mstp.us/mstc.



All programs and activities of ACI ny are free of charge and all are welcome to attend. ACI ny depends solely upon voluntary financial support, generosity and kindness of the students and sponsors to fund all of its programs.

ACI offers courses throughout the New York area. For more information about our classes, programs and any requests of classes you wish to receive, please contact us classes@aciny.org.

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